Things Residential Cleaners Should Consider Before Stepping Into Commercial Cleaning

Many residential cleaning contracts hurry their way to expanding into commercial cleaning services. Commercial cleaners have a different approach than residential cleaners. Residential cleaners tend to think that cleaning is cleaning regardless of home or office.  

Before you diversify your residential services into commercial cleaning, you must know the fundamental differences. At the end of this piece, you’ll get the basic idea of everything you need to venture into commercial cleaning.

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Re-Training Staff

The first thing that you need to consider is re-training the staff. Your residential cleaners may not be adept at offering commercial cleaning services. Many times commercial cleaning requires special equipment and products that are not widely used by residential cleaners. 

You have to train your crew to become speedier with the work. Also, cleaners need not focus on the details while performing commercial cleaning.

Finding The Right Workforce

Residential cleaners perform during the day, whereas the commercial cleaning services in Greenville, SC, do their job in evening shifts. Your old crew may not be ready to work in the evening or night time. For this reason, you might need to have separate staff for both services.


During a residential cleaning job, you are into the client’s personal space rather than their workspace.  The residential clients are pickier and give attention to the detailing of the work. On the contrary, the commercial cleaning clients are only concerned with the end job.

You have to comply with the cleaning specifications mentioned in the contract. Also, there is lesser interaction between the commercial clients and the cleaners.


Stepping into commercial cleaning is altogether a new challenge. It is essential to consider the workflow of a commercial cleaner in totality. If residential service providers are venturing into commercial cleaning, they should be ready to handle the enormous workload!