What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are made from a resin base. The flexible partial dentures in Greenville will be placed into this resin base. Both the base and the artificial teeth are generally custom made by a dental laboratory. These are done from impressions created from the patient’s mouth. You thought partial dentures was one thing. Wait until you hear this. Now there’s a fixture known as a temporary partial even.

And, wait for it, it’s been branded as a flipper. Said flipper is being used for a tooth replacement directly after the patient has had his tooth removed. While the final denture is still being prepared said patient need not be without teeth. One online reviewer suggests that this is motivated for esthetic purposes. That may well be, and it is commendable. But it could be argued that this temporary move also takes care of the patient’s overall oral and dental health.

flexible partial dentures in Greenville

In essence, gaps have been plugged and so it goes that there is less chance of bacteria infiltrating and yet still, spreading further. The temporary structure will be supported by the gums only. But what if the gums have also deteriorated? Both doctor and patient need to be mindful of potential irritations and the thinning of the oral cavities’ soft tissues.

A flipper is supported entirely by your gums and you should be aware of possible irritation to or thinning of your soft tissues. Flippers are best used for the short term during healing of the extraction site before a more permanent tooth replacement solution is completed. Furthermore, an even bite is being encouraged. The even bite is necessary to correctly distribute the patient’s biting forces. It also helps to prevent trauma to the gums and existing (natural) teeth.

And so it goes that the patient’s look, feel and function is as normal as possible.