What Causes Mosquito Infestations At Home

Mosquito manifestation has been a leading cause of many medical concerns and fatality. Mosquito breeding in Nashville starts from small puddles of water or rain around your house.

While mosquito traps, citronella candles, or bug zappers may provide some relief, they will not eliminate the problem. To prevent fatal diseases, you must opt for a reputed mosquito control company in Nashville and take their help.

Mosquitoes Thrive in Stagnant Water

Stagnant water provides the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs and start the next generation. Young mosquitoes get their food supply from the same water they live in. Flood water and warm seasons create the perfect breeding atmosphere for mosquitoes. 

You must check for stagnant water around your house and take steps to eliminate it. You will find mosquito infestations in the following areas –

●    Puddles of water

●    Rainwater accumulation

●    Collected water in your gulley or drains

●    Water accumulated in containers

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Poor Management of Plants

Potted plants and flower vases can often become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. You must clear the water collected around the balcony flooring, flower trays, or drains to stave off mosquito infestation. Poor watering habits are one of the major breeding sources of mosquitoes.

Poor Home Maintenance

Negligence towards proactive inspection for pests can lead to mosquito infestation at home. You must remove all pest harborage from your home to prevent the growth of mosquitoes. You must try to keep your home dry and cool at all times. 

Inadequate Maintenance of Drains and Gully Traps

Most people tend to ignore the drains and gully traps of their premises. Dirt, waste, and stagnant water in the drains can boost the mosquito infestation process.

Home remedies can help you with controlled cases of mosquito infestation. However, if the mosquito infestation condition worsens, you must opt for a reliable mosquito control company.